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A Guide For Helping You Transition Into This Next Chapter In Your Life & Making It One of the Best One's Yet!


Are you wanting more success and abundance in your:

  • career?

  • small business?

  • personal or professional relationships?

  • health & general well-being? 


Are you struggling with:

  • your confidence?

  • lack of energy or chronic fatigue from hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, digestive issues or sleep problems?

  • feeling unsettled and lacking inner peace?

  • making life decisions?

  • a lack of motivation or procrastination?
  • being unable to speak up for yourself or setting healthy boundaries?
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Helping women to achieve more abundance and success in all areas of their life (health, relationships, career, etc.) all while being 100% authentic with themselves and others.


My vision for you is that you enjoy a life filled with your passions and things that give you joy plus feel emotionally and spiritually balanced. If I can help you do that, I am happy to serve!

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As a woman, we are expected to juggle A LOT these days! We are trying to keep on top of our responsibilities as a mom, life partner, career woman, friend, good neighbor, and the list goes on. We start with goals for our life and good intentions for our days but often manage to be pulled in all types of directions.

Do you ever wonder why some women are able to have great health, find balance, be joyful, reach their goals while seeming to manage all their responsibilities with grace and ease?

I’m not here to say I have a perfect life but I have dedicated my education and training to finding ways to reach our goals without compromising our health and sanity!

I believe that all of us should be able to enjoy life, feel accomplished by whatever goals we set for ourselves, and do so in an integrous way that also honors our authentic self.

As a Success & Wellness Practitioner, my passion is helping women uncover, get to the root cause,  and remove the blocks keeping them from feeling optimal wellness and reaching their peak potential in their career, business, and relationships. 

What makes my approach different is I can support a client on the physical level as a holistic health practitioner and functional medicine nutrition counselor as well as on an emotional, spiritual, and cognitive level as an Emotion Code, Global Energy Method, & Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR)™ Practitioner and Life Mastery Consultant.


About Erica 

bout Erica

Erica is a Board-Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Emotion Code, Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR™) Level 3, Global Energy Method Master Practitioner (Specialties Include: Physical,  Spiritual, & Psychological), a Certified Life/Professional Coach & Life Mastery Consultant, a Certified Functional Nutrition Counselor through the Functional Nutrition Alliance and has been in health and wellness for 10+ years.

She has been certified as a professional image consultant through AICI (Association of Image Consultant International), behavior analyst for Predictive Index & True Colors International, holds previous certifications in nutrition and fitness, trained in Basic & Advanced PSYCH-K, and has a passion for helping women feel fulfilled, have inner peace, reach their goals, while remaining true to who they are.

She has always had a passion for helping people but her own journey to overcoming health challenges and breaking free from "perceived limitations" is what brought her down the path of physical/energetic healing and removing blocks to one's potential!

What sets Erica apart is her passion and love for blending practical business, psychology, neuroscience, and universal truths for success! Her clients describe her as loving yet firm, if needed, to help you break past old, repeated thought and behavior patterns that are sabotaging your success! 


Erica graduated from Cleveland State University (CSU) with a B.A. in psychology and continued her education with a post-graduate certificate from CSU in Training & Development. She is a 3x certified life, professional, and transformational coach plus a Certified Life Mastery Consultant by the well-known speaker, author, and coach, Mary Morrissey.

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I left my job without another one lined up. The old me would have been in complete chaos, but instead I was filled with peace and knowing I would land the right job for me. While working with Erica, I not only found a job working less hours than before but with a bonus structure that can exceeded by expectations!

-Danielle Smith


What They Say

I was honestly scared to death to really show up and participate in #Lightbeamers, so I watched mostly since January. I posted once or twice so I didnt feel so guilty about lurking from the sidelines. (All or nothing kind of girl) My full story terrifes me, however, after this week I feel much more confident breaking it down and sharing pieces, chapters with the world. The stories that I have shared were so well received on my personal pages, that I have the courage to continue and to keep growing. I will be visible and shine my bight light everywhere, its glow grows daily. 0

-Beth Bowman

First off, thank you pawTree for giving us this amazing opportunity. You'll probably never know how many lives you have changed. CO Second, thank you April! You gave us a challenge that was difficult, yet achievable, and your explanations and examples really showed us exactly what to do. jp My wins and take-aways: ▪ I'm pretty sure this is the first challenge I've ever completed 6 ▪ discovered that doing a FB live won't, in fact, kill me 0 III I finally understand the concept behind using storytelling to grow my business and that it's actually quite fun! 10 Other petPros (even the "big dogs") have the same fears and challenges that I do, so I need to quit with the excuses and get busy already.

-Laurie Emerson



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